New game trailer and release date for Watch Dogs

wpid Watch Dogs1 New game trailer and release date for Watch Dogs

It will surely be one of the titles that come for the new generation since after your confirmation for PS4, it will not be difficult that it is prepared for the Xbox 720.

From Ubisoft had everything ready to give us a surprise about Watch Dogs however, in the 21st century, you should know that the leaks are currency current and therefore, a new trailer for this title wanders over the Internet.

With this trailer, we will know the reality of this project in terms of city and vehicles, and we can also witness the announcement of the release date of the game.

From the official Twitter of the project, they made reference to the presentation of the trailer through the following picture:

At the moment, are PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PC platforms that will receive this title awaited and still need to define the arrival to the new Nintendoconsole.

From Ubisoft have also decided to announce five editions compatible with all mentioned platforms. Among these editions you will find:

An Edition Basicauna Special Edition with digital content and gifts for the multiplayer mode and history only if you book the title.A Special Edition Uplay including three missions for the player and a metal box.

This broadly, however, what really interested to the zealot are the editions of collectors as it will be Vigilante and Desdec editions.

wpid Vigilante Edicinm New game trailer and release date for Watch Dogs

This collector’s Edition presents a box, Cap and mask Aiden Pearce, an additional DLC mission and the soundtrack’s title.

Price: 89.99 euros at the Ubisoft store

wpid Desdec edition New game trailer and release date for Watch Dogs

A figure of Aiden Pearce of 23 cm. Also has Steelbok, a collector, a book of art of Watch Dogs box, the original soundtrack of the title, a map of the Chicago game. And to all this she must add 4 augmented reality cards, 3 logos of the titles and 3 new DLC missions.

Price: It still remains to define

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